Hummingbird RX helps ensure you have peace of mind – not positive cases – at your next corporate meeting or business conference.

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A Positively Negative Audience

Whether you’re meeting for a big client presentation or hosting a major business event, our tests and services equip your entire team to share ideas, not germs. Hummingbird RX testing ensures a safe environment with only attendees who test negative allowed in.

Options for Everyone

Pre-test your staff and attendees with on-site PCR testing, and offer 15-minute Rapid Antigen tests for unexpected day-of guests.

Large Group Capacity

Our professional medical workers perform on-site testing for your entire payroll or participant list. And, there’s no fee to reschedule testing services.

Quick Results

PCR results arrive via email in 1-2 days and Rapid Antigen results appear on the test cassette in 15 minutes. Your manager gets all results in our portal.


Hummingbird RX uses Rapid Antigen tests (not Rapid Antibody tests) because they are a newer, far-better technology. The CDC does not recommend that employers or event planners use antibody tests to determine who can work/attend events. Antibody tests check for past infection but viral tests (like our nasal swabs) check a respiratory sample for current infection.


Enjoy your conference without the fear of spreading or catching COVID.

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